Powder Coating
Created date:2023-10-21

Barium sulfate is commonly used as a functional additive in powder coatings. It serves multiple purposes in the formulation and application of these coatings.

Fuhua precipitated barium sulfate acts as an extender pigment. It increases the volume of the coating without significantly affecting its color or opacity. This allows for better coverage and improved efficiency in terms of material usage.

Fuhua precipitated barium sulfate enhances the scratch resistance and hardness of powder coatings. It provides reinforcement to the coating film, making it more resistant to wear and abrasion. This is particularly beneficial for applications where durability is required, such as in automotive or industrial coatings.

Fuhua precipitated barium sulfate assists in controlling gloss levels in powder coatings. Its presence influences the surface texture and appearance of the final coating. 

Fuhua precipitated barium sulfate contributes to the overall stability and consistency of powder coatings. It improves the flow and rheological properties of the coating formulation, aiding in its smooth application and even film formation. This helps to minimize defects and imperfections on the coated surface.

In a word, Fuhua precipitated barium sulfate is utilized in powder coatings as an extender pigment to increase volume, enhance scratch resistance and hardness, control gloss levels, and improve overall stability.