Created date:2023-10-21

Superfine precipitated barium sulfate which is produced by Fuhua acts as a functional filler in paint. It improves the rheological properties of the paint, providing better flow and leveling characteristics. This helps to achieve a smooth and even finish on the painted surface.


It also enhances the opacity and hiding power of paint and has excellent light scattering properties, which means it reflects and disperses light effectively. This results in improved coverage, especially when painting over dark or uneven surfaces.


Additionally, Fuhua barium sulfate contributes to the durability and weather resistance of paint films. It reinforces the coating, making it more resistant to cracking, chipping, and peeling. This is beneficial for exterior paints that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.


Moreover, Fuhua barium sulfate assists in controlling the gloss and sheen of paint. It can be used to fine-tune the final appearance of the coating, allowing for adjustments in gloss levels from matte to high gloss.


Furthermore, Fuhua barium sulfate is chemically inert and non-reactive, making it compatible with a wide range of paint systems. It does not undergo significant color changes or degradation over time, ensuring the longevity and stability of the paint film.

In summary, Fuhua superfine precipitated barium sulfate is utilized in paint for its properties such as improving flow and leveling, enhancing opacity and hiding power, increasing durability and weather resistance, controlling gloss, and providing chemical stability.

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