Created date:2023-10-21

Precipitated barium sulfate, also known as blanc fixe precipitated or synthetic barium sulfate, is widely used in the production of pigments. It serves several purposes:


  • Precipitated barium sulfate is commonly used as an extender pigment in paint formulations. It helps to increase the volume of the paint without significantly affecting its viscosity. By using barium sulfate as an extender, pigment manufacturers can achieve cost savings by reducing the amount of expensive pigments needed.

  • Precipitated barium sulfate is added to pigments to provide opacity or whiteness. It helps to improve the covering power of the pigment, ensuring a more vibrant and uniform appearance on various substrates.


  • Precipitated barium sulfate has excellent UV absorbance properties, making it an ideal additive in pigments used for outdoor applications. It helps to protect the underlying materials from the damaging effects of UV radiation, such as fading or degradation.


  • Precipitated barium sulfate is chemically inert and non-reactive with other pigment components, making it compatible with various pigment formulations. It does not interact with dyes, binders, or other additives, ensuring stability and consistency in the pigment's color and performance over time.


Overall, the use of precipitated barium sulfate in pigment production contributes to improved color intensity, extended durability, enhanced opacity, and cost-effective formulation. Fuhua can produce different models to match the corresponding needs of customers.