Automotive Coating
Created date:2023-10-21

The application of barium sulfate precipitation in the automotive coating industry is primarily used as a functional filler and a component of primer coatings. Nano Precipitated Barium sulfate, is a white powder that possesses excellent chemical inertness and high density.


  • In the automotive coating industry, Fuhua Nano Precipitated barium sulfate is commonly added to primer coatings to enhance their properties. It acts as a functional filler, improving the mechanical strength, durability, and corrosion resistance of the primer. The high density of barium sulfate also contributes to increasing the weight of the primer, which helps to improve the overall adhesion and coverage of subsequent paint layers.

  • Furthermore, Fuhua Nano Precipitated barium sulfate is used as a pigment extender in automotive coatings. It helps to improve the opacity and brightness of the topcoat, allowing for better color and aesthetic appearance. By adding barium sulfate, the colorants in the topcoat can achieve greater color saturation and vibrancy.

  • Additionally, Fuhua Nano Precipitated barium sulfate is also employed as a suspension agent in automotive coatings. It aids in maintaining the stability and uniform distribution of pigments and other additives within the coating formulation. This ensures that the paint remains consistent in terms of color and other physical properties, even after prolonged storage or transportation.

Overall, the incorporation of barium sulfate in automotive coatings offers numerous advantages such as improved mechanical strength, enhanced corrosion resistance, increased coverage, better color saturation, and improved stability. These properties make it a valuable component in the automotive coating industry, allowing for the production of high-quality and long-lasting coatings for vehicles.

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