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Created date:2023-03-20

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Celebration for the 80th anniversary of Fuhua's establishment and the 4th Model Worker Commendation Conference successfully holding.

Celebration for the 80th Anniversary of Fuhua’s establishment and the Fourth Model Worker Commendation Conference was grandly held on Feb 25th,2023. The conference shows that Fuhua is in high-quality development  with clear goals and efficient actions.

The conference was presided over by Ren Xiaolong, secretary of party branch and deputy executive manager. Chairman Wang Xinwang, general manager Su Hualei and other company leaders and all employees of Fuhua company attended the conference.

According to meeting agenda, general manager Su Hualei delivered the "Company Policy and Objectives in 2023 ", summarizing merits and demerits, specifying the direction and specific measures for the coming year’s work; Deputy manager Chen Xiaozhuang read the "Decision for the celebration of 80th anniversary of Fuhua’s establishment, the 20th anniversary of Fuhua Chemiacl and to commend the company's advanced collectives and model workers", "The decision to commend excellent technical subjects, technical reforms and "Four Small" activity projects in 2022", Shaanxi Fuhua trading Co.,Ltd won the advanced collective honor from 2018 to 2022 for its marketing work with rich innovation and excellent performance. There are seven employees, Li Jie, Xu Genhua, Fan Xiaolong, Lu Tingting, Liu Lishan, Dang Shunjun, Lu Xiaomei, won the honorary title of the fourth labor model.  After model worker representatives expressed their awarded speeches, the company leaders and the previous model workers presented awards to advanced collectives, awarded new model workers and outstanding projects, which not only expressed the company's heartfelt congratulations and ardent expectations, but also ingeniously endowed inheritance and promotion of Fuhua spirit.

Afterwards, Chairman Wang delivered an enthusiasm and deep feeling words on the conference, expressing his high salutation and thanks to the new and former model workers and employees who have contributed to the development of Fuhua, Chairman also recalled the 80-year struggle history of Fuhua,refined and interpreted the connotation code of Fuhua's hard struggle and continuation of survival, looked further to depict Fuhua's beautiful development blueprint, cared for employees' income and life, and be full of pride for the progress and development of the enterprise.

The meeting called on all employees to inherit the spirit of enterprise, promote corporate culture, publicize the deeds and spirit of model workers with great fanfare, and create a good atmosphere of devotion, to be No.1, hard struggling, innovation, looking light the fame and wealth, and dedication and a work boom ; it is necessary to study the company's policies and objectives, clarify tasks, implement policies precisely, implement work processing actually, and turn various economic indicators into reality; concentrate on boosting morale, concentrate on doing things, and do good things well, with hard work, wisdom and sweat, self-improvement, and recast the glory of the enterprise.

Although the road is long, it will come soon; though it is difficult, it will be accomplished. Under the strong leadership of the board of directors, the united and progressive Fuhua staff will work hard, with high passion, attitude of struggle, tenacious will, pragmatic style and enterprising spirit, to contribute to the construction of green and innovative and hundred-year Fuhua.