▶ Public-owned youxin Chemical Factory

(Seventh division,Third army,PLA took over) 

▶ Fuping Sodium Sulfide Producers' Cooperative

▶ Tongchuan Fuping Soda Plant

▶ Fuping Chemical Plant (locally-administratered state enterprise)

▶ Shaanxi Weinan Chemical Industry Limited Liability Company Fuping Inorganic Branch

▶ Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co.,Ltd

was moved into Fuping Zhuanglilndustrial Zone


Fuping Soda Plant was established(private enterprise)

Fuping Workers Youxin Chemical Plant

Fuping Chemical Plant (state-operated)

Shaanxi Fuping Soda Plant (under charge of Provincial Petrochemical Bureau)

Weinan Fuping Chemical Plant (under charge of Weinan District Government)

Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co.,Ltd(reformed)