Product name:Industrial Sodium Sulfide(Na2S·nH2O)

[Red Flakes Sodium Sulfide]


Properties: Crystal water mixture. Appearance is red flake. Reducible and corrosive alkaline substance. Deliquescence material. High solubility in water and soluble in alcohol. Generates hydrogen sulfide gas on contact with acid. Keep away from light and sotre in cool place.


Packaging: 25kg/bag. Inner bag is woven bag, sewn by machine; the intermediate layer is plastic film, sealed by heat; Outer bag is ink gray netted woven bag, sewn by machine.


Cautions: Avoid rain, moisture and heat, no breakage, no mix with corrosive matter.


Uses: Mainly used in leather, printing and dyeing, or mineral processing industry.


Specification:Industrial sodium sulfide comply with the following table.

Industrial Sodium Sulfide

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ItemTop GradeFirst Grade
Na2S, ω/%≥60.060
Fe Content, ≤0.0150.030
Water Insoluble,≤0.150.20
Na2CO3 ,w/%  ≤3.5/

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Industrial Sodium Sulfide(Na2S·nH2O)

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