Mr. Yohiro Takashi, Deputy Mayor of Bupyeong County, attended and instructed in various directions in the company to promote new coronavirus prevention and secure safe production.
Created date: 2020/06/05



On May 14, Mr. Yohiro Takashi, Deputy Mayor of Bupyeong County, attended and investigated the safety production work in the company. Participants were surveyed by the main managers of the Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the Prefectural Emergency Management Bureau, the Prefectural Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Prefectural Commerce Bureau, the Prefectural Public Security Bureau, and the Prefectural Fire and Rescue Team. The company party branch secretary, managing director, and environment and safety management officer Koryu were accompanied and reported together.

After investigating the production site in detail, Deputy Mayor Taka heard and reported on the state of safe production work in the company, asked in detail the preventive measures for the new corona, safety precautions, emergency plans and work inspection system implementation status , Fully evaluated all aspects of corporate safety management.

It is an important time for new coronavirus prevention and in-house business recovery, faced with many new and unprecedented situations in safe production, new challenges have started, and companies have become aware of the maximum and minimum safety lines. Establish firmly, always grasp and execute safety production work without loosening the root of safety, never have any distorted thoughts, feelings of leaving it to work, and seriously take responsibility and manage each item. Execute, each department and individual will take responsibility for safety, and find hidden hidden dangers and vulnerable areas, and revise them immediately to ensure effective prevention against all types of accidents.

As a large regional company, Weihuasha will play a leading role and contribute again to the development of the prefectural economy and safe production work.

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